A Simple Affiliate Cart System That Allows You:

Take Affiliate Orders in Dollars & Major African Currencies

By Simply Copying & Pasting a Single Line of Code on Your Website

Join 3000+ from different countries:

South Africa
and others

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Now You Can Take Your Business Global; From Africa, With Just a Single Line of Code & a Global Affiliate Network

Stakecut is the Easiest Way to Start an Online Business & Get More Online Sales.

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Export Your Skills, Knowledge & Physical Products From Africa to The World

Login to start an Online Business & Sell to The world without Hassles, Barriers or Limitations using an Affiliate Platform that offers you a cart system for collecting Affiliate Sales from anywhere in the world. Plus automation tools for growing your online business.

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No More Multiple Links for Different Currencies

Get paid in multiple currencies on a one page online cart

Works with

And Get Your Funds Paid Straight Into Your Local Bank Account - at Great Exchange Rates

Auto-Generate Currency Options Based On Your Buyers’ Location

We help you increase your Affiliate Sales by making sure a buyer sees a currency option for your product in his local currency. You do not need to lose an affiliate sale because they do not have a dollar card.

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And Get Your Funds Paid Straight Into Your Local Bank Account - at Great Exchange Rates

With a Single Line of Code

Stakecut Projects

Online Courses

Sell with the Stakecut Cart & easily redirect to Your Member Area

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Digital Services

Get paid for your remote jobs in hard currency

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Physical Products

Export your physical products to the world & get paid easily

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Land Foreign Clients & Get Paid easily in USD

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Unlock a limitless global market for your Knowledge

Stakecut Projects


Take your consulting brand global at the click of the mouse

Our Affiliate MarketPlace Makes it Easy for You To Start a Business!

This is Ideal for

  • Anyone who wants an additional source of income to what they have now
  • Smart business people who want to run a business without all the associated expenses.
  • Students & housewives who want a Part-time business that works without all the stress of owning one Anyone looking for a part or full time hustle they can run from just their phone OR LAPTOP.
  • Business owners who want to scale their buisness with Affiliate marketing

You Do Not Need StartUp Capital & a Product to Have a Stake & a Cut on The StakeCut Affiliate MarketPlace

  • No need to invest time and money in inventory
  • We handle the Inventory.
  • We Handle The Delivery for you...all you do is promote & get paid
  • Plus Our 24/7 Customer care is always here for you whenever you need to talk.

You Do Not Need to Take The Risk! Let Us Take it for You

  • We get you the product so you do not need to spend time & money on them.
  • No need to tie your money down, We give you READY-MADE, Ready-To-Sell products so you get started
  • Immediately for Free We provide you with high-converting marketing materials to help convince your customers to buy.

Don’t Know How to Sell? No Problems!

  • We Offer Support & Sales Training That Will Help you sell effectively from the comfort of your home.
  • Simply promote with your unique link on social media with your Smartphone,
  • Close the sale & we handle the rest Sell in your part time or full time - the choice is all yours!

We Have Tested & Proven-to-Sell Products Ready For You to Profit From!

  • We have closely handpicked hot-in-demand products people love
  • Pick the one you like to have a stake in Sell & get your cut sent to you every week

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Join Over 2,000 Other StakeCutters already Profiting from StakeCut. It is Free! Work at your own pace, & in Your Spare Time!

Need More Sales

Use Our Affiliate Network to Grow Your Online Business in Just a Few Clicks

We have THOUSANDS of well trained affiliate marketers ready to help you GROW your business when you activate an affiliate promo on your product or service. You can also recruit your own affiliates with the inbuilt affiliate tools on your dashboard & 10x your traffic & sales.

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Do Not Have A Business

Launch a New Online Business in Just A Few Clicks

Don’t have a product or a business already? We are also more than a cart platform. Which means we have built a system inside Stakecut that makes starting an online business with your laptop or smartphone as simple as copying a single line of code. You can access the stakecut product library for affiliate offers you can promote for a commission. Simply copy your affiliate link, promote & get a commission when you make a sale

Proprietary tracking tech

Track Your Sales & Payouts

Whether as a vendor or an affiliate, our state of the art proprietary tracking system ensures you know when your sales come in, how much you make & when you get paid - all accurately measured. We also track the conversion rates of your products & promos so you know how your promotions are going & how to tweak it to get better.

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The Best Part?

It is 100% Free for Everyone

We get paid when you do. No registration fee & No yearly Subscription

We believe that the best things in life are free & you should only pay when you get paid. Our ’Partnership’ allows you to use all of Stakecut’s Benefits & pay a small percentage only when you get paid!

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Join Over 2,000 Other StakeCutters already Profiting from StakeCut. It is Free! Work at your own pace, & in Your Spare Time!